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Pt Optima Lautan Bersama, Indonesia

PT Optima Lautan Bersama is an integral associate of Transliner Group, commenced operations in 2002, covering 5 main ports and 7 inland outreach locations. Head quartered in Jakarta, PT Optima is effectively poised to provide end to end customized solutions to each of its clients requirements.

With the help of our own fully equipped offices in Jakarta, Medan, Semarang, Palembang and Surabaya, aside from our representative offices locations 7 other outreach locations, it has become major hub of our international operations.

Broadly, we offer the following set of shipping and logistics related services from all Indonesian locations:

- Liner Agency

- Vessel Handling & Husbanding Services

- Inter Port Connectivity and Transhipment

- Transloading

- Warehousing and Distribution

- Oil & Gas Equipment Logistics

- Project Cargo Handling

- ISO Tanks and Flexi Tanks

- Global Freight Fowarding

Pt Optima Lautan - Semarang

Located at the heart of Central Jawa, Semarang is strategically located to aggregate cargoes coming from other nearby islands like Kalimantan, as well as its own hinterlands located in Jawa. Optima is adequately equipped to handle containerised cargo as well as Project volumes with equal efficiency and perfection. Semarang is also one of our key locations where we customise logistics solutions to meet our clients’ very specific requirements to precision.

Ask us for more, and we would happy to offer need based logistical solutions.

Pt Optima Lautan - Surabaya

- Second largest Indonesian Port city for a host of inbound and outbound cargoes, Surabaya is perfectly poised like a hub centre in attracting huge volumes of different commodities. Surabaya enjoys a unique status of being able to link a vast number of islands nurturing specific cargo flows to international destinations.

Our host of services from Surabaya includes:

- Liner Agency

- Vessel Handling & husbanding services

- Inter port connectivity and transhipment

- Transloading

- Warehousing and distribution

- Oil & Gas equipment logistics

- Project cargo handling

- ISO Tanks and Flexi tanks

- Global freight fowarding

Pt Optima Lautan - Belawan

Located at the hub of Sumatra, Belawan is a very important location for Optima. We offer multiple transport related solutions to suit the typical design of cargo flows from Belawan. Most important cargo solutions include services such as carriage of Bulk Liquids in ISO Tanks and Flexi Tanks. Optima’s unparalleled expertise in carriage of such cargoes make us unique in our diverse logistics solutions. Needless to say our Dry cargo division is a very active vertical which provides excellent customer satisfaction always.

Bayside Transportation - Manila

Bayside Terminal and Transportation Services, Inc. proceeds from years of logistics experiences covering decades in the International and Domestic Philippine fields. It covers not just years, but also depths of handling various operations including shipping, export and imports, CY and CFS, customs brokerage, container sales and leasing, chassis operations leasing, trucking, service provider for carriers, and container handling.

Terminal Operations and cargo handling is a forte that promises correct, appropriate and professional management of logistical requirements of customer accounts.